As a reader, I want to know why a character speaks or behaves in a certain way.

I want to know the dynamics of his life,
which events have shaped his personality,
what circumstances have brought him to where he is today.
As a writer, I try to provide that interaction between characters for my readers.
My focus is always to offer education, enlightenment, and entertainment.

The creation of a well-crafted story

is like fitting together all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I live and breathe my characters;

they spend the day with me, whispering in my ear,

telling me what I’m to have them say and how I’m to have them react.


Come along with me now as we seek out adventure,

traveling from a present-day Chicago suburb

to sprawling 1890's Wyoming ranchland

to the exotic locale of a South Sea Island just after the end of World War II

and back again to vintage Wyoming.


In life, we are limited to where we go and what we do

only by the boundaries of our imagination.


~ Judy Genandt