A Port in the Storm

Margaret Ward, a klutzy young socialite suddenly embroiled in scandal,
is forced to flee 1885 Boston’s comfort for the hardships of a Wyoming ranch. There she accepts the position of village schoolmarm.

Ingenuous, spunky, and hell-bent on having her own way, she settles into her new routine while wreaking havoc on the routines of those around her.

She crosses swords with the School Board, passes out cold from too much spiked punch at a barn dance, and ends up nose to nose with a rattlesnake.


Although she displays a photograph of the man she left behind, she indulges in a mild flirtation with the ranch's heir while exchanging verbal blows with the standoffish ranch foreman.

Will she survive having her beliefs challenged and her set of values overturned?
Will she grow and change for the better in her new environment?
And which of the three men in her life will she choose as her forever love?


Who Bravely Dares

 © 2004 by Filbert Publishing


Kathryn Mackenzie wants nothing more than to return home to America
after serving five years as a missionary teacher in India.


She and her charge, Sarah Louise (Sparky) Maintriff, an orphaned six-year-old, board a tramp steamer bound for Hawaii.

On the way, the vessel catches fire and sinks, shipwrecking Kathryn, Sparky, and two other passengers: an American ex-marine from Wyoming and his British friend.

Marooned on an uninhabited island, these four strangers must somehow forge a life even while they battle hardship and deprivation, face unseen dangers, and figure out how to get home.

"Who Bravely Dares" is a rich story of human triumph over adversity,
with touches of fantasy, romance, and history to add spice.




The Quality of Clemency

© 2001 by AmErica House


When the orphaned Taylor family, headed by big-sister Clemency, is caught up in the cross-fire for water rights in 1892 Wyoming, prospects for saving their ranch from cattle baron Sylvester Burchfield seem dim.

But help is assured with the unexpected arrival of hardy Eben Harris,
answering a newspaper ad secretly placed by the older Taylor boys.


As Eben becomes more involved in the family troubles, so is his lonely heart filled by their warmth and generosity. Inevitably, he and lovely Clemency are drawn to each other. Yet some dark mystery in Eben's past holds him back.

On the day that young Robbie Taylor disappears, Clemency rushes to the Two Pair Ranch, owned by Burchfield, to rescue her brother. There, finding Eben in conference with the cattleman, she discovers the awful truth:  her cowboy hero is actually Burchfield's hired gun.

How Clemency copes with this betrayal and loss, even while the range war escalates, is a story of strength, courage, and "The Quality of Clemency".



© 1999


"Half-Life" usually refers to the length of time it takes for half the atoms of a radioactive substance to disintegrate. Or, it could describe Amanda Bellwood, a grief-stricken college freshman leading an empty and incomplete life.

When Amanda's family is killed in a car crash near Chicago, she must reluctantly move in with Jeff Kipling, an attractive young professor who has been designated by her father as her guardian.


Although it is determined that the Bellwood's vehicle was sabotaged and its occupants murdered, this information is being withheld from the young woman...for her own protection. Conflicted and torn, Amanda unwittingly holds the key to the murder that will involve her school and its faculty, the police, and a nuclear weapons complex.

While her guardian is responsible for keeping Amanda alive and unharmed,
Jeff is becoming increasingly attracted to his young ward. It is not until the enemy strikes once more,with deadly purpose, that the conspiracy is revealed

and Amanda's life can become full once more.



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