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"A Port in the Storm"


Genre Go Round Reviews


In 1885 Boston her irate father reads the riot act to Margaret Ward for what she considered no big deal. Fuming, he exiles his daughter to the Wyoming Territory to rusticate at the Lazy R Ranch owned by Randall family.


In spite of some clumsy klutzy moments, Margaret surprises everyone when the Boston Back Bay Brahman easily adjusts to life on the ranch. Even more stunning she takes over as the teacher in the one-room schoolhouse. However, she finds three men very interested in her. Each has their assets as Phil is from her hometown, David is the flirting heir to the ranch and Tee Spencer the aloof ranch foreman compete for her attention.


Although upper crust Margaret adapts too easily to life on the rugged at times deadly frontier, readers will enjoy this late nineteenth century western romance in which the elegant easterner shows how the west was actually won. Margaret makes a difference in the small town as she proves she is more than just a high society dizzy damsel. Sub-genre fans will enjoy this historical as the lead female delightfully dances with three males who want her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Harriet Klausner



"A Port in the Storm"


Whispering Winds Book Reviews

In 1885, Margaret Ward, a socialite finds herself involved in a scandal in Boston's society. Even though it is not her fault,her father sends her to Wyoming to live with his friend and family on their working cattle ranch.She is also assigned to work as the village schoolmarm. From the first day when she falls down a flight of stairs,to the time she falls in a yard that is nothing but mud, it is obvious that Margaret is not the most graceful woman.If it is not one thing for her then it is another. Yet it is always Tee, the ranch foreman who always finds her in one predicament or another.


It is up to Margaret to find the best road she should travel. To fit into a live style that is so different than she has ever known.To find out what true love is all about.


I love the characters in this book. I find the story to be refreshing and different than your normal genre of this type.This book is 410 pages, but it holds your attention from page one. I was tempted to read the last few pages of this bookafter I had read the second chapter. I wanted to see ahead of time how it would end. But I am so glad that I did not.The biggest surprise is in the ending. In this book you will find laughter, sadness, suspense, love, a very determined young schoolmare, and best of all a happy ending. One filled with love that flows in many directions

.I have laughed so much reading this book, and at times felt great sadness also. This book is a great read that I have enjoyed so much.

                                                                                                                                                    ~Sandra Heptinstall


"Who Bravely Dares"


Critique: Fiction/Romance

Reviewed by Wanda Mitchell

I enjoyed this book.

The story moves along smoothly and kept my interest with the bits of information about the ship’s exotic ports of call, the island’s plants, and the ingenuity displayed by the characters in using the resources to provide food and shelter.

I liked how the author allows the characters to work together despite their very different personalities, and personal fears and demons while totally changing the dynamics of their relationships by adding a young child into the mix.

I appreciated how each of the characters acknowledges their fears but control their behavior and emotions to give Sparky as much emotional and physical securityas possible in their situation.All in all this is a very pleasant and positive read.


"The Quality of Clemency"


Love, treachery, love and loyalty fill the pages of this well-crafted story.

Judy Genandt has given the reader well-rounded, interesting and admirable characters and an exciting page-turner of a talethat is sure to interest the whole family.

                                                                                                                                                            ~A.H.Holt, editorWesternFictionReview




5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting; grabs and holds the reader's attention.

If you want to read a book with a steamy romance and a murder mystery, this is the book for you!

"Half-Life" draws you into the book and you can feel the emotions that Amanda Bellwood is experiencing in a modern-day story.

I would highly recommend this book for any adult.


Author Interview with Daniel L Carter

(Author of The Unwanted Trilogy; Blog:








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